Asia ARTZOO Competition 2011(english)

The first Cultural Art Zoo without animals in the world!
Asia ARTZOO Competition 2011

Asia ARTZOO Competition 2011 invites you to witness a new paradigm shift of standardized public art and public design, see the range of creative cultural art, and broaden cultural understanding among Asian countries.


Organizer        GITCT(Gwangju Information & Culture Industry Promotion Agency)
Supervision     ARTZOO
Sponsored by Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Gwangju City, Gwangju Biennale, 
                              Juice come funny
Sponsorship    Bauhaus, Sunwoo Entertainment, J&K Design Communication, 
                              Boa Design, Vikings

About your artwork
Art Zoo
      A creative artwork combining animal with art
      Incentives for an artwork which is eligible for convergence of music,experimental program and

Section  All fields of art
    formative art, junk art, media art, pop art, etc.
    free for selecting materials but be careful for shipping

Eligibility no restriction
                       The competition is open to both individuals or groups(over two people), provided that you

                              can register in Beijing, China or Gwangju, Korea.

How to Enter Register with artwork, application form and entry fee / application only on-site

Entry fee KRW 20,000 per artwork

Submission Deadline (China ) April 11, 2011 ~ April 15
                                          (Korea) April 15, 2011 ~ April 25
Submission Place         (China ) ϡ 环铁ߣ C-033 
                                          (Korea) GITCT, 177-39. Sa-dong, Nam-gu, Gwangju, Korea
      Pre-qualification: China - April 16, 2011(Sat)
      Preliminary: China - April 21, 2011(Thu), Korea - April 28, 2011(Thu)
      Final: May 5, 2011(Thu)

JURY The Jury is be made up of art specialists and authorities from Korea and China.

Competition Results or individually announced
      Preliminary: China - April 22, 2011(Fri), Korea - April 29, 2011(Fri)
      Final: May 5, 2011(Thu) 
      Subject to change.

Handover of rejected works   (China ) - April 22, 2011(Fri) ~ 26(Tue)
                                                       (Korea) - May 2, 2011(Mon) ~ 6(Fri)
                                                                        We will not take the responsibility for missing and damaged 
                                                                             artwork which is not handed over in time.
                                                                             (Please, bring your ID card or receipt)

Exhibition of prize-winning works  
                                                     May 5, 2011(Thu) ~ 10(Tue), Sajik park, Gwangju, Korea






Platinum Award


Gwangju Major's Award

KRW 1,5000,000

Gold Award


GITCT Director's Award

KRW 7,000,000

Silver Award


Biennale Chief Executive's Award

KRW 3,000,000

Bronze Award


ARTZOO Chief Executive's Award

KRW 2,000,000



ARTZOO Chief Executive's Award

KRW 1,000,000

Special Selection Award


ARTZOO Chief Executive's Award

KRW 200,000

Runner-up Award


ARTZOO Chief Executive's Award

KRW 100,000

Awards and volumes can be changed, accordingly.
A foreign prize winner will be given a prize according to the current rate of exchange.
A foreign prize winner will follow the tax laws, and utility charges to be paid separately by Korean citizens.

   - The copyright of prize-winning pieces will be assigned to ARTZOO, and they can be changed at the  
discretion of ARTZOO.
- In case of proposals which are the same, the prior suggestion will be evaluated first.
- An entry should not infringe other's copyrights, patent rights, registration rights of design, utility model rights, trademark rights, etc.
- An entry should not mimic other's artworks. If disclosed, all awards and prize will be canceled and you will be gone to law for damages.
- Depending on the quantity and quality of the artworks, winning entry can not be selected.

Further information   Tel +82.070.4240.0976, Fax +82.62.653.0978


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